Bobby Shmurda has been in jail for approximately 5 weeks now , but it looks like the Brooklyn rapper may just have a little bit of luck on his hands. It Looks like somebody is in the works of putting that $2million to bail him out ! Click Read More to see who !

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The world of Bobby Shmurda cant feel to well right now. Just as fast as he became one of the biggest rappers in 2014 , is just as fast he was put into jail and we all know….jail….IS BADDDD! Bobby Shmurda may be able to hold on to hope , because it looks like somebody wants to bail the young Brooklyn rapper out .

Apparently a pretty renown “Celebrity bail bondsman” by the name of Ira Judelson is reportedly preparing to put up the money to get the young Brooklyn rapper freed from Rikers Island. Although this sounds sort of on the strange side Ira Judelson is far from new to this , as in passed years he’s bailed out Plaxico Burress , Lawrence Taylor and Ja Rule. After the meeting for Bobby Shmurda and his crew GS9 at Manhattan Supreme Court , the “Renown Celebrity Bondsman ” Ira Judelson said :

“At the end of the day, I’m their bank. I’m the one who is going to be putting up the money to secure their appearance in court. Bobby is relying on me to put up the $2 million to get him out the door, get him back to his family and get his music career back on track.”

Bobby Shmurda and GS9 are being Charged A LOT ! from gun charges and drug related ones . Ira Judelson has said he will be planning on bailing out young star Bobby Shmurda and his crew out some time next week. We’ll see how that goes but in the mean time we can only hope Rikers isn’t the home for him for much longer .