We All know Irv Gotti is about his business but what I bet you DIDNT know is who he is doing business with. Click into the post to find out !!

Irv Gotti is a Veteran In the Hip Hop world as a producer and a CEO, But what I bet you guys didn’t know was his involvement in the shoe deal between Steve Madden and Iggy Azalea .

Aspiring Entrepreneurs ! TAKE NOTES !!!!

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As Iggy Azalea Showcased her latest collection with the shoe mogul ,CEO of Murder Ink Irv Gotti did the same thing with a bunch of different posts dedicated to Iggy Azalea and her latest project. Irv Gotti posted the photo and left with the caption “powered by visionary” .

The producer of many classic projects in Hip Hop , Irv Gotti was asked by many fans about his connection with Iggy Azalea and why he was going so hard to promote her works. After a Fan asked Irv Gotti if He Managed Iggy Azalea , he Reveals that he has been working with Steve Madden on Some of his biggest projects thus far. Such As Iggy Azalea , Kylie Jenner and Kendal Jenner .

Can You Say WORK ?!?

Irv Gotti Also let the public know his entertainment company ‘Visionary’ has even more planned in the near future including music , TV Shows and marketing for more major companies .

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