IFWT_Edelman Sherman 1

Today the New England Patriots held their Super Bowl Victory Parade and it had almost as much action as the game itself.

Shay Marie

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is known for his brash speeches and taunting.  Everyone remembers the infamous “U Mad Bro?” meme he posted of a dejected Tom Brady when the Seahawks beat the Patriots in 2012.  Sherman continued in the Super Bowl saying and making a 2-4 gesture “24” after the Seahawks took a 24-14 lead.  Some people also thought he was taunting cornerback Darrelle Revis whose number is 24 and got beat on the play.

In any event, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman – who scored the game winning touchdown – decided to get back at Sherman during the Super Bowl parade.  Someone blew up the picture of Sherman doing the 4 sign and wrote “How many rings does Brady have?” on the poster.  Not only did Edelman hold up the Richard Sherman poster, he also assaulted it; slapping the poster down crushing the picture of Sherman and then threw it off the truck.

I can’t wait to see how Sherman responds…