Yes, the Jumpman, himself, decided to give a gift to Barack Obama, who just so happens to be PRESIDENT of the US, you know, where Michael Jordan lives. Apparently, the NBA legend isn’t too familiar as he misspelled Obama’s name on the gift & calls him strictly by his first name, leaving the POTUS with no other choice but to do what he did!

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The gift, an autograph basketball included in gallery above, was given to Jordan to sign by David Axelrod, the former advisor to the President. Well, Michael Jordan signed it alright, writing with a black Sharpie, “To Barrack, you still owe me dinner” & if you think it’s just a typo, well think again…

via SB Nation:

President Barack Obama has received a lot of amazing gifts since becoming the President of the United States, but one of them fell flat. Former adviser David Axelrod spoke to New York Magazine about a gift he gave President Obama, and we learned that Michael Jordan doesn’t know how to spell the president’s name.

“When the president turned 50, I wanted to get him something special … so I sent it to Jordan to have him sign it for me.” In black Sharpie, Jordan scrawled, “To Barrack: you still owe me dinner. Wishing you well, Michael Jordan.”

Think this was just a typo in the story? Think again.

“I gave it to the president, and he said, ‘I can’t put this up, he misspelled my name!’ So I said, ‘Fine, I’ll take it.’ ”

Poor POTUS. Dude can’t catch a break.