Golden Eye Jewelry???

“The newest rage in fashion” or nah? The Indian creators of the Golden Eye: Actual Gold Jeweled Optic Contacts say the product will cause people to “keep looking at you, and be mesmerized.” Just what the game needed huh…but really–GOLD???

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, are real gold contacts on fleek or just unnecessary? Dr. Chandrashekhar Chewan of Mumbai is credited as the innovator of Golden Eye: Actual Gold Jeweled Optic Contacts that’s touted as the latest up-and-coming fashion trend:

“Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan has fused jewelry with optometry as he created lenses with 24-carat gold particles in the Shekhar Eye Research India. The lenses, developed in collaboration with with ARC Contact Lenses LLC in the USA, contain several nano gold particles in a specialized paste form. In order to avoid contact between the eyes and the gold, an extra layer is applied.”

Wow…Golden Eye: Actual Gold Jeweled Optic Contacts is definitely a niche product–obviously for those who want the advertised “glittery and spell-binding” effect more so than those who actually need contacts. But who knows? Obviously with its 24 carat-gold particles it’s an automatic luxury item, and yet another way for those who (want to stunt or) can afford to flex disposable income. But can’t you just see a rash of chicks on the Gram, people in the club, and flashy characters in a hood near you flaunting this look?

The official Dr. Chewan contacts are definitely not available in retail though and only custom fit to each owner. Of course this doesn’t stop a dozen other companies around the world from scooping the concept, trust capitalism is already in the works where that’s concerned. But the total cost of the ‘official’ eye optic jeweled lenses arrives at a US dollar equivalent of between…$15,000 and $18,000!!!

(…yikes). So there may (or may not) be a storm coming from the Golden Eye: Actual Gold Jeweled Optic Contacts. But don’t forget the history of crazy contacts taking claim not only in high fashion, street wear and nightlife, but in music videos and live entertainment. “It’s 2015” after all, and with a new year comes new extravagances–where luxury and economics create a price tag that like a Louis Vuitton bag will only amplify the product’s mystique. Be honest…are you interested in getting your custom pair or is this just too much? Check the vid and the gallery of the optic trend in flicks!

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