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Phaedra Parks Leap Across Table And Attacks Kenya? The Housewives aren’t The Housewives without the drama and now violence.Bravo gave us a sneak peak at the next RHOA episodes. It’s intense so if you watch the show you know there is always a turnt up housewife. What’s interesting is it’s not who you think it is this time. The self proclaimed southern bell checked all her etiquette and charm at the door and participates in the rachetness. We have proof in the gallery. More details below

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Phaedra Parks Leap Across Table And Attacks Kenya?
Apparently Kenya reveals that the RHOA’s southern bell hasn’t been faithful to her husband Apollo.Phaedra usually keeps her cool and is the professional one but not that night. You can see the rage overtake Phaedra. My question is why are they still fighting if Apollo is out of the picture. Kenya Moore is trying to be over the top like Nene but that’s not a good look on her.She was Miss USA she needs to start acting like the woman America chose back then. and in the words of Vivica Fox “By trick” lol Vivica says that to Kenya on the Apprentice another show Kenya was starting trouble on. And as for Pheadra she had better reasons to attack Kenya Moore. It just looks silly that she attacks her about cheating but didn’t attack her when she was trying to come for her husband. What are your thoughts? Is RHOA a sinking ship like Nene says?