T.I Bets Iggy Azalea Will Win Best Female Hip Hop Artist
T.I. Says Iggy Azalea’s Ex Doesn’t Deserve Her Money.T.I recently weighed in on the “Black Widow” rappers situation. He stated he’ll “let the power that be decide all that just point me to the cash.” He’s not playing lol in his song with Young Thugga he says “if it ain’t about the money dont be blowing me up” He is not entertaining any other talk lol. Find out more after the jump.

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T.I. Says Iggy Azalea’s Ex Doesn’t Deserve Her Money.The reporter ask does he think the husband should get half T.I replies he doesn’t “deserve a tenth of” Iggy’s money.

Several days ago, TMZ reported that a doctor recently came forward and stated that he recalls Iggy taking Jefe to a medical clinic back in 2008. According to the doctor, Iggy referred to Jefe as her husband during the pair’s visit.Due to their alleged marriage to one another, Jefe is reportedly seeking half of all the songs Iggy wrote while the two were together.

The “Fancy” rapper can’t catch a break in her personal or professional life all this pressure is probably what led her to delete her Twiiter account. I don’t know it seems she should drop the “blaccent” take her American money and perhaps go back to Australia. I don’t know what are your thoughts? Should your ex reap the benefits of your new situation?