If you’re one of the people that has missed the rare occasions where Sia reveals what’s under those huge wigs, then here is your chance to get a peek. The “Chandelier” songstress attended the 23rd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards screening party in LA, where she sheds the tresses, rocks an epic bun and stuns in a golden pants ‘fit.

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Sia drops the tresses and displays her face. The beautiful Australian pop singer concedes the use of the wig as a way to hide from fame. During an Anti-Fame Manifesto, Sia connects fame with awful mother-in-laws.

If I were famous, I might want to see what is happening on the news channel, or on CNN.com. But I couldn’t. Because I would know that I might run into that mother-in-law there, sharp-tongued and lying in wait for my self-esteem. And she’s not just making cracks about dying before I give her some grandkids, she’s asking me if I’m barren. She’s asking me whether I’m “so unattractive under those clothes that her son/daughter doesn’t want to fuck me anymore,” or if I’m “so dumb I don’t know what a dick is and how to use it.”

If it works for you, hey. Only, you’re still famous. You’re just known as the famous singer with the nontraditional wig.

Check out the platinum-haired Sia in the gallery above.

Sia appears on one of Kanye’s newest hits, “Wolves“. The single also features Chicago-born artist, Vic Mensa. Listen here.