Well yesterday came and went without the alleged video involving Dez Bryant doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice” being released to the public. However, things got serious this week when ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a very respected and credible sports reporter, said that there is in fact a tape, although he said he had not seen the contents with his own eyes. He said he had been working on the story quietly since September, and for a guy like Schefter to admit the tape does exist, well that carries alot of weight.


As the day went on yesterday, slowly more details became available about the possible scenario, and whatever is on the alleged tape seems to have happened back in 2011 and a Wal-Mart store was involved.

Now comes the story this morning from TMZ that Dez was in fact questioned by police back in 2011 regarding an incident at a Wal-Mart. It would be a safe guess to assume this is the date in question.

Dez was questioned by Texas police in 2011 regarding an alleged incident in a Walmart parking lot where a woman was allegedly pulled out of a vehicle by a black male … but cops determined Dez did not commit a crime … this according to the police report.

The police report just surfaced … in the wake of rumors of an alleged video featuring Dez doing something terrible. So far, there is still no video, but this morning a never-before-seen police report finally became public.

The report, from July 11, 2011, shows someone went to Walmart security and said they witnessed a black man drag a woman out of a car around 6AM. The victim is listed as Ilyne Nash — Dez Bryant’s long-time girlfriend and mother of two of his children.

In the report, first published by NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, cops say cars registered to Bryant were at the scene in the parking lot … and Dez later arrived to the scene in another car WITH the alleged victim.

In the report, cops say they interviewed witnesses, including Bryant, but determined no crime had been committed.

According to the report, Nash did say she got into an argument with another man … a guy named Alex Penson … but was adamant she was not assaulted or injured in any way.

The police report makes NO mention of video.

Meanwhile, the rest of the sports world just continues to wait to see if this alleged tape will ever see the light of day.