Top 5 Ways To Know You’re In The Friend Zone. The friend zone can be a tricky place to be in because you never really know that you’re in it when you are. So many guys (and girls) are friend zoned daily and it’s pretty embarrassing to actually see someone try so hard to get themselves out of such a difficult position. The video below lists the top five ways for people to know when they’re being friend zoned and it’s pretty spot on.

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I think my favorite one from that list would be number one, if the girl asks you for advice on how to deal with another guy. That has to be the biggest slap in the face because that guy is supposed to be you.. but it’s not. It is definitely better to settle on being just friends, maintaining that friendship, and finding someone who will have genuine and mutual feelings for you, than to keep chasing after someone who clearly doesn’t see you in that way. But hey, that’s just me. Tell me what you guys think about the friend zone, is it a point of no return? And if you know someone currently in the friend zone, send them this video!