Chris Brown's baby

I know Karrueche has to be even more sick, because Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia is not only an Instagram thot, but allegedly a pretty sh*tty person who doesn’t even take care of her first child! The ex-girlfriend of the man who THOUGHT he was the dad of Breezy’s baby until the news broke yesterday has spoken out, blasting Nia and spilling the tea on her in an Instagram comment:

This is my ex and Nia is nothing but a little smut like I had told him. He never deserved that. He was nothing but a good father and person, I can vouch for that. I’d be surprised if Chris is the father, just like Brazil didn’t end up but acted like one. Nia also had a grown child she never took care of. These hoes ain’t sh*t.

Marisa Mendez

MTO has also done some digging and found some photos of Nia on the Houston party scene, as well as some of her “modeling” pics, and let’s just say – she doesn’t look like the classiest one in the bunch. I know Kae HAS to be thinking, “Really? HER? LOOK AT ME AND THEN LOOK AT HER!”

These hoes men ain’t loyal. Pics of Chris Brown’s baby mama in the gallery!