Chris Brown's baby

…and the results are: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER. Unlike most episodes of Maury, however, the man who thought he was the father of this pretty little girl prior to yesterday’s news about Chris Brown is not taking this very well. In fact, our prayers are with Bah, as he seems to be doing very, very bad right now:

The child I been taking care of for so long. The child I grew into. My life is over, I just found out this child is not mine. y me god I have no longer a reason to live. goodbye

Maybe he should just go holla at Karrueche now that she’s single. Meanwhile, someone else wrote into Baller Alert anonymously, and spilled even more tea on Miss Nia and BOY, is she a mess!

Marisa Mendez

Check out what they’re saying about Nia in the gallery, as well as the results of the paternity test. Man, this just keeps getting dirtier! Wonder what they’ll uncover next…

Source: Baller Alert