The Husel never left! He’s been working hard on his debut album!!
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The Husel was recently asked about Urban New Age music, a term which was created by him and producer J. Troy to define his sound and The Husel simply replied that he wants to entertain his fans. “I personally don’t consider the music trap or rap music. It’s closer to performance art if anything. It’s meant to be entertaining, artistic and most importantly, inspiring. I’m an artist being creative just using a different frequency, giving you more of me.”

He’s been generating a major buzz since last year, so right now the anticipation for his debut album “Husel Music” is something CRAZY!! The official release will be on May 5th 2015! (05:05:15) Be prepared to hear features from Bone Crusher, T-Pain, Pastor Troy, Cash Out & more. The Husel’s leading single “Yeauh” is available RIGHT NOW!

OH! So you don’t want to wait until then huh? Well, don’t worry! In the mean time in between time, The Husel will be dropping “The Pre-Up” EP on March 31st! It will consist of multiple videos, remixes of his previously released tracks and some dope music!

Will you be getting The Husel’s debut album? Sound off below!

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