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7 Children Killed In Brooklyn House Fire. This is so sad a fire killed seven children at a home in Brooklyn, New York early Saturday.The victims appear to be between the ages 5 to 15. They were found in bedrooms on the second floor of the home. More info after the jump.

7 Children Killed In Brooklyn House Fire. This is so sad, three girls — ages 8, 12, 15 — and four boys — ages 5, 6, 7 and 11 — were killed, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. They are saying that a hot plate malfunction may be the cause of the fire. The family is Jewish and they left it on because of the Sabbath. “Many religious Jews do not use electricity on the Sabbath, along with refraining from work and observing other prohibitions meant to keep the day holy. As a result, some families may leave them on so they are usable without violating any religious laws or traditions.”
7 Children Killed In Brooklyn House Fire. They are still investigating, but the said they haven’t found any smoke detectors in the house; they found one in the basement. What is really sad is the father is away on business and no one has been able to contact him. This news is just devastating.