A man entered into a security are at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with a machete and wasp spray ready to attack! WHAT?!

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According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, 62 year old Richard White went into security checkpoint at Concourse B where he began to spray the TSA agents and bystanders with a can of wasp spray. White then pulled out a machete from his waistband and started to swing it at the agents and others who were in that area. White chased one of the agents through a security checkpoint medal detector but he was able to block the machete with a piece of luggage.

Lt. Heather Slyve from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office moved quickly and opened fire on the man, hitting him in the face, thigh and in his chest. Unfortuntaley, one of the TSA’s were hit by her bullet and has been treated for injuries which were nonlife threatening. A few of the bystanders were injured but it was minor. Authorities are currently investigating White’s motive for this incident.

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