Rob Kardashian

Things between Kim K and brother and Rob Kardashian seemed to have progressed from bad to worse. The two had a very public falling out during Kim and Kanye’s wedding, where Rob decided to ditch out on the festivities and head back home to the states. Well looks like there is still some bad blood between these two. See who Rob compares his dear old sis to inside.

Sibling rivalry: Rob Kardashian compares Kim to a psychotic murderer? Everything is clearly not 100% well within the Kardashian clan. Shrugs. All families have issues. However, Rob may have taken it a bit far when he compared his sister to resident psychopath Amy Dunne, the sociopathic killer from “Gone Girl”. Rob reportedly un-followed the entire Kardashian clan in past. Rob posted the pic with the caption to his Instagram, after being MIA for months. Hmm…wonder what now prompted this little activity. See Rob diss his sister in the gallery above.

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