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Chris Brown’s Daughter Hanging With Her Other Dad? This Guy Brazil should get the Man/ Father of the year award. After finding out he wasn’t the father of baby Royalty. He still insist on being a dad to the 9 month old. This really speaks to his leadership. I guess the old saying “having a baby doesn’t make you a father” reigns true. Check the gallery to see what he has to say about being a dad. More info after the jump.

Chris Brown’s Daughter Hanging With Her Other Dad? You can tell this guy was raised right. So many men know they are the father and still won’t step up to the plate. Of course he was hurt when he found out he wasn’t the father. However he recently posted a pic and said he is going to always be a dad no matter what. That’s just wonderful! It really does take a village to raise a child. Chris Brown seems to really be engaged and happy about being a father as well.There have been several reports stating that he wants to move the baby to LA. I also saw that even though he’s been busy on tour, he makes it a point to see the baby daily.