IFWT_Jay Cutler Marcus Mariota

The 2015 NFL Draft is approaching and that means the rumors will kick up a notch about teams trading to move up.  This year there are two intriguing quarterbacks in the draft including Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.  The assumption on most mock drafts is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select Winston with the No. 1 pick but things get interesting with the Tennessee Titans holding the No. 2 pick.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report dropped a major rumor on Monday saying Marcus Mariota is gaining more traction in Chicago and the Bears could make a bold move with the Titans to get their No. 2 pick and Jay Cutler would be a part of the trade.  It’s well known that Cutler is not very popular in Chicago these days; his autographed football couldn’t even get bids in a charity auction.

Cole says the belief in the organization is that Mariota may be the answer at quarterback and trading Cutler is a possibility, citing Cutler’s college history at Vanderbilt, but just because he played college football in Nashville doesn’t mean that NFL franchise wants him.

If they don’t trade Jay Cutler, The Chicago Tribune also discussed a scenario if Mariota slips in the draft, the Bears could just select him then with their No. 7 pick.

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