IFWT_Coachella 2015 10

Any big music festival such as Coachella is, off rip, going to have a bunch of drugs and LQ flowing through the crowd; 21+ or not. However, this year the security for the outdoor musical extravaganza cracked down on fake IDs for the 21 and over events at Coachella. Approximately 354 IDs were confiscated alone just from one event that required concert goers to be of age. Security did an extreme crowd sweep, checking every single ID. Even Kendall Jenner was turned down before even trying to enter the event because everyone knows she is not of legal drinking age yet. Crazy how young kids are forever pressed to be older than what they are just to catch a buzz in a club/bar. (I’m lying I did the same thing when I was that age but still.. LOL.) Although TECHNICALLY it’s super illegal to have a fake ID, the security guards simply took them away from the tiny tots and sent them away to the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control to get a better ID of how these new fakes look. Interesting. If only they knew being 21+ isn’t as exciting as they think.. smh!

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Source: TMZ