Most women can’t do anything about their husband’s mistress but Shelly Sterling got back at V. Stiviano by suing her and winning.  Stiviano must give back the $1.8 million condo and the $800,000 in cars and gifts given to her by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Clearly it was all about revenge for Shelly as the billionaire doesn’t need the money.  In fact she’s giving it all away to charity.

Shelly Sterling says she didn’t go after V. Stiviano for the money — SHE WANTED JUSTICE — and says she plans to give away every single cent she won in her crushing court victory to a charity.

According to TMZ Sports sources, Shelly was “out for blood” from the start and really wanted to put the screws to Stiviano for all the crap she put her family through.

In fact, Shelly told the Associated Press her lawsuit was about getting even with Stiviano who had “harmed” her in so many ways.

Stiviano is the woman who became famous after recordings leaked of Donald Sterling asking her not to hang out with black people.  The racist recordings went viral and Sterling was subsequently banned from the NBA and forced to sell the Clippers.

Stiviano maintains that she loves Donald while he and his wife Shelly remain estranged.

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