IFWT_Blaze & Mena

Oh snap! Looks like sh*t just hit the fan…. Jhonni Blaze jumps in Cyn & Erica Mena ex lover’s spat…..and comes for Mena and Bow’s Neck? Yup.While the reunion show just wrapped up, and Erica Mena made a helluva grand exit from the rest of the cast of the Love & Hip Hop crew, looks like Johnni Blaze was still smarting over Erica not joining the rest of the cast for the reunion…..so she took it upon herself to go in for Erica’s neck while the wife to be is visiting Texas, in Blaze’s home state just where she happens to be right now! See what happened when Blaze threatened to meet up with her inside.

Looks like everything is not all gravy in Love & Hip Hop. Though Miss “and my titties still big tho”, has exited stage left, looks like she left quite a few feathers still ruffled, feathers meaning Johnni Blaze’s the new wild card addition that pops off at will. After seeing Mena’s confrontation with Chrissy…..matching up to Jhonni Blaze’s multiple incidents…its pretty safe to E. Mena don’t want NO parts of Blaze! Well Blaze told the soon-to-be- Mrs. Shad Moss ” I fuc*ked your husband”…..welp so much for ever having a peace treaty! See the two go back and forth in the gallery above.

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