I’m sorry but how many secret girlfriends did Michael Phelps have?  Well he is an world renowned Olympic gold medalist so I’m sure he had plenty of women at his beck and call but this woman seems particularly upset and claims things were serious between them until Phelps decided to propose to his long time on and off girlfriend Nicole Johnson.  According to the mystery woman, who is black, Phelps only proposed to Johnson to clean up his image after the DUI and rehab stint.  The woman claims he strung her along then dropped her.  Well now she’s getting revenge by setting the story straight and leaking an alleged peen pic of Phelps.

Here’s the letter she sent to Baller Alert:

“Since Michael Phelps is competing today, I felt there wouldn’t be a better opportunity to share my final post. Of course it helped that everyone I know made sure to make me aware of Michael’s interview yesterday about how happy he is being engaged and how much he loves Nicole. Great to see he can finally admit that after ducking and dodging her calls to play house with me. Did he discover that after tasting my peach cobbler and then me? Or maybe it was the night after ordering in from Mama’s when we finally agreed not to use protection because he was dying to be inside of me without a condom because “Swimming tests me like every 3 weeks, I swear I’m clean.” That was second birthday gift he got that night. That size and stamina unleashed, thank god for birth control.

Let my story be a lesson to you women out there. Some of these white athletes simply want the black girlfriend experience, but not when it’s time to be in front of sponsors. And sometimes even family. Again I said some, I know there are exceptions who are happily married and proud. I can only speak to my experience with the Greatest Olympian of All Time. My issue isn’t with Nicole Johnson because I don’t know her. The fault lies with Michael who told me that in order to rebuild his image post suspension and rehab as the American Olympic hero, he had to solidify things with Nicole and make it seem real. Make him seem rehabilitated. She was familiar. Which also meant white and family friendly for brands he needed to earn back. The time we spent together trying to build something was no longer valid. And neither was my double degree from me graduating top of my class. I’m also a senior executive at my firm while Nicole masquerades as a Sales Director at some Wake Up Now adjacent company. At this point he can have the Spelman shirt to remind him of the girl who made him his first homemade soul food meal with the curls that could never fit under any of his baseball caps which made him love them that much more. I’m sure there will be other women coming out before he actually gets to the altar. If that ever even happens.

So to everyone calling me a woman scorned, side chick who should know her place and anything else, it’s far more complicated than that. I won’t be mentioning this any further. I just wanted to be sure the facts were out to explain why I’ve shared what I have.”

The peen pic and text messages are in the gallery above.

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