Big Sean x Ariana Grande

With a seemingly happy relationship having been displayed for the past 8 months between Big Sean and Ariana Grande, their breakup earlier this week left everyone scratching their heads. Their reasoning for “scheduling conflicts” made it that much more confusing, as they’ve always had to travel for work since meeting each other – so why would now be any different?

While naturally they’re both benefiting from the added public interest in their careers now that they’re being talked up on television and blogs galore, there may be a calculated reason for this split to benefit from the press – the release of their latest song together.

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“Research” appears on Sean’s most recent album Dark Sky Paradise, and industry database All Access has confirmed that the song is being serviced to radio on May 12. This means that they are putting the song out as a single, which – if it does well – will have an accompanying video, likely be performed on TV shows and more. Suddenly the split seems a little perfectly timed, huh?

Of course this is all speculation for now, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these two get back together in the future!

Source: LifeIsTremendez