Reality TV is not going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it is only getting more ridiculous. Atlanta producer Jay Williams appeared on Iyanla Vazant’s show last year to talk about his very interesting situation. Janeen knows where this is going. He has had 34 children with 17 different women. His children range in age from 3-27 years old and OWN confirmed in a press release last month that he will have his own reality television show. The news shouldnt be too disturbing with shows like “19 Kids and Counting” and “John and Kate Plus Eight” being as popular as they are. However this has not stopped critics from voicing their opinions. Check out the video and what critics had to say after the jump!!

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Obviously a show about a black man and his 34 children is going to raise some eyebrows. In fact Dr. Boyce Watkins a distinguished scholar had a strong view on the matter he said “Apparently, going to school isn’t going to get you a show if you’re a black man. You’re more likely to be featured in media if you go out and irresponsibly populate half the damn planet. I’m sure this brother has issues, and that’s understandable, but I truly feel sorry for those kids. I won’t even talk about the STD issue when you’re having that much unprotected sex. Other people’s lives are affected when we live recklessly. It has to be called out when we see it.” William’s show which is set to debut in September 2015 seems that it may focus on what not to do and lean away from glorifying his irresponsible decisions. So maybe it will try to have people learn from his mistakes. No matter what the show looks like it will be getting a lot of views and Im sure that will help with all those child support checks.

Source: BallerAlert