Willa Junior

Willa Junior falls asleep in Cargo Hold of Plane and Wakes up while the plane is ascending. He thought he was going to die. Willa tried to make a call for help they thought he was a prank caller so he called 911.

He then began to pound on the floor of the plane. Luckily is was enough noise that he was heard and they had to send the plane into an emergency landing. Willa says he truly thought he was going to die in there and so he sent one last text to his mother saying, “I Love You.” The planes emergency landing was successful and he was rescued. He claims they used to always take naps when he first started this job. He say’s he is sorry to everybody that was on the plane, causing it to turn around. He also said he learned a lesson which is,“Don’t sleep on planes, or don’t doze off on a plane,” he said, “even though the job is hard, you know, stressful. Learn from my mistake.” He still is employed at the airport a week later, but he says he thinks that will change soon.

Written By: Golden Brown
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