Move Over Beyoncé , Blue Takeover!!!. Pictures of Blue Ivy have been surfacing the internet from the day she was born. As private as the Carters keep their private life, Blue Ivy is far from shy. Tina Knowles, mother of Beyoncé, actually thanks her granddaughter for talking her into getting married again.

I know it sounds crazy how a 3 year old can give wedding blessings but it’s easy to see this kid is bursting with personality. She said Blue asked her one day when are they getting married and she told her soon. Next thing you know they are married. The wedding of Tina Knowles and new husband Richard Lawson was beautiful. Check out all the lovely pictures posted of the wedding and how fun Blue kept everyone’s spirits. Guess who was the party animal at the wedding?, YUP you guessed it Blue Ivy was named Dancing Queen. Like I said, Move Over Beyoncé Blue Ivy Take over.

No surprise where she gets her rhythm and good moves from. If we remember last years awards, when beyonce came out to “Flawless” , Blue looked like a choreographer in the crowd trying to imitate her moms steps as the song was playing. We all love Blue Ivy and can’t wait to see the star she will grow up to be . Who are we kidding, she already is a star. I also ran into some footage of grandma Knowles at a restaurant, yelling at paparazzi for recording lil miss blue. Actually I shouldn’t say yelling, she told the camera man “have some class, this is a child you are trying to film”. I wonder if she’ll be a singer/dancer like B, or she may end up being the best rapper of all time like her father. We shall see from the New Queen B, Blue Ivy’s Takeover!!!

The Dutchess