Now don’t turn into a peeping Tom outside of every restaurant, looking for the freak of the week after you hear the results of this NEW study!!

Emery Childs

Results of a survey conducted on worlds largest network for meeting new people, Skout has discovered that people who eat grilled cheese are more charitable, more adventurous and have more sex! If your me that sounds like people who eat grilled cheese like to “give”… prefer “risky” business… and flat out have more sex then anyone else which is the perfect combination, if you’re into that sort of thing. Depending on the restaurant, this sounds like one of the easiest and cheapest ways to catch a THOT yet!

Who new that the cheesy after school snack that every kid loved growing up would set us up like this? The experiment done on almost 5,000 people proved, 32% of people who love grilled cheese have sex at least 6 times a month which is way more compared to 27% of people who don’t care for grilled cheese’s.

Check out the gallery for the most famous grilled cheese sandwiches!

Source: Skout