If you have been watching the Miami Heat over the past few years, like must of us have, then you know that when it comes to Dwayne Wade playing, you just never know what to expect. Not taking away from his game at all but he has missed more than a few games in the past years.

Earlier this week, Pat Riley provided the media with a recap of the season as well as some things that he has planned for the future. Among the topics of discussion was D. Wade and his contributions to the organization. In short, Riley calls out D. Wade for consistently missing so many games when the team needs him most. Now, we all know D. Wade is an injury prone player and with sports, that just comes with the territory; so, is Pat Riley out of line with his comments?

While discussing D. Wade, Riley mentions players from the past like Larry Bird, who would play in games despite having a significantly injured back and propel his team to victories. That in of itself, Riley describes as mental toughness and hints that D. Wade not having much of it. Pat Riley on D. Wade, “…he’s got to change the narrative himself about his body and about his injuries and about his missing games…night in an night out, there’s always the question of whether or not he can or he can’t,” and he’s basically calling him a weak minded player.

To protect your body and prolong your career or play through the injuries and risk minimizing your career? Probably a question that goes through D. Wade’s mind pretty often. D. Wade, however, did respond to the comments and let it be known that he is getting older and when he looks at players that are around his age, they are not able to do the things he can. I feel you D. Wade! How would you feel if your GM basically called you a b!*&h to the world? Crazy out there in the 305.


Source: Hoops Habit