On Thursday, The New England Patriots were honored at the White House for winning the SuperBowl. Besides President Obama’s joke about deflategate that caused an awkward vibe at the ceremony, there was another thing that people picked up on. Tom Brady was M.I.A for the ceremony.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith spazzed on Tom Brady for missing the the ceremony where President Obama would be honoring him and it started during his show, First Take and it spilled over onto his podcast after the show. Smith makes a valid point about Tom Brady not missing previous White House functions after a Superbowl win while George Bush was in office–three times actually.

Stephen A. does have a tendency to pull the race card when its not necessary but I think I feel him on this. I don’t know that we can call Tom Brady, the face of the New England Franchise, a racist for not showing up, but curving the first black President of the United States definitely speaks volumes about his political stance–especially since the reason Brady gave for missing the ceremony was a “prior engagement.” I like to think that White House events are scheduled months in advance for security reasons? Nah Tom, you have to come stronger than that! Personally, I don’t think that would be an opportunity I would miss.

Smith goes on to say, “…I mean is he a Republican and don’t want nobody to know?” Tom might have to explain this one man. Is Tom Brady getting off the hook without being questioned about missing the function?