In a series that many predicted would play out just the way it did, many did not expect the Celtics to put up too much of a fight. But, they did exactly that and may have caused some real issue for the Cavs going forward.

In Game 4, some serious developments came after Kevin Love’s shoulder was dislocated and he was forced to leave the game early in the first quarter. The intensity of the game did not stop there though as defensive pressure was being applied from both sides. Throughout the entire series, Jae Crowder had the responsibility of guarding King James and he was not doing a bad job at all. Despite LeBron still being a problem–because he is just that great–he did cause some issues for him.

LeBron obviously getting frustrated with the pressure from Crowder, undoubtedly instructed his squad to go ahead and get grimey with the play. During the final minutes of the first half, Kendrick Perkins entered the game and was on the floor for a mere 37 seconds when a flagrant foul was called. He hit Crowder in the face twice (Why he was not ejected, I have no idea) and a methodical LeBron James, watches as he approaches the scuffle at a snail’s pace.

During the third quarter though, Crowder and Smith were battling for position underneath the basket to grab the rebound and here, J.R. Smith smacks Crowder in the face. Ultimately, Crowder goes down, sprains his knee, and J.R. Smith is issued a flagrant 2 which automatically calls for ejection from the game. I see what you did there LBJ, but it might have cost you!

I guess life really does repeat itself! Today marks the two year anniversary where J.R. Smith was ejected from Game 3 against the Celtics for a similar dirty play. I just wish LeBron would be more forward and commit the dirty plays himself rather than get his team mates ejected (I know, he’s too smart for that). J.R. Smith addressed media and says he’s “nervous as hell” about a possible suspension. We all know the league has a tendency to go back and review plays like that for necessary assessment; so, a suspension is actually very possible.