A tweet went up from our favorite stoner yesterday evening leaving us all to wonder, Who you talking about Wiz? You can see in the tweet Wiz Khalifa says “This could be us but you playing” with what looked to be a picture of two hippies in love. Could he be talking about Amber Rose? , or is there someone else in the works of capturing Wiz’s heart?

I advise none of Amber’s close friends (cough cough Blac Chyna ) not to take any single advice from her, because its clear she is trying to get her man back. She had no shame putting her baby daddy rapper Wiz Khalifa as her Man Crush Everyday confessing her love and how much she missed him. Since the post we haven’t really heard anything else. But we do remember how messy this custody issue almost became, when Wiz was making allegations saying he wasn’t sure of the well being of his child.

Sure Amber twerks a lot but come on, A Pot (head) can’t call a Kettle black Wiz and its no denying the chemistry these two had. There are plenty of videos of Wiz and son Sebastian so im sure they are getting along fine these days and visitation is not an issue. So again I ask , Who you talking about Wiz? We all love happy endings so I’m hoping the two can work out their differences. I’m sure we all can’t wait for that Red Carpet walk.

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