We kind of saw this coming. I mean, even J.R. Smith knew it was going to happen but today, the league made it official. Smith has been suspended for the unnecessary play he made against Jae Crowder of the Boston Celtics in Game 4.

The defensive intensity that Jae Crowder was providing for the Celtics apparently got under the skin of LeBron James and two of his Cavalier teammates as two extremely physical fouls were made. Yesterday, I reported that J.R. Smith could be facing a suspension for the flagrant foul that was initiated on Crowder in the third quarter. Looks like that is exactly what happened as the league issued a two game suspension for Smith.

What does this mean for LeBron and the Cavs? Besides the fact that Kevin Love will be missing the entire second round, they will now be short-handed even more with Smith out for the first two games. At this point, it looks like The Bulls are going to close out Milwaukee in Game 5 and will have to face the Cavs in the second round. Definitely good news for Chicago as I imagine Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose will get the ultimate boost from the Cavs’ loss in Smith and Love.

J.R. Smith is no stranger to suspensions though. Back in the playoffs of 2013, J.R. Smith was also suspended for a similar play. Talk about bailing on your team when it get heated, huh? Definitely an unfortunate circumstance for the Cavs but I would not completely count them out of their next series.

Source: ESPN