Earlier today it was ruled that the case involving the death of Freddie Gray was a Homicide. Numerous people in hip hop took to twitter and reacted.


This past week was nothing short of crazy, destructive, violent overall just a huge ball of anger and raging emotions due to the death of Freddie Gray. With things finally calming down in Baltimore its said that justice will finally be served right. In the case of Freddie Gray’s death today it was ruled a homicide and there were 6 Baltimore Police Officers that were issued warrants, arrested and charged with the death of Freddie Gray you can read more about that here. The sad part of this is the fact that the Baltimore community had to go through all that destruction in order to find justice. All that chaos for some justice, it should open up the eyes on the justice system in every other state where these same situations have happened that way chaos doesn’t repeat itself. Some members of the hip hop community such as Kevin Liles, Kid Cudi, Mc Ren and more took to twitter to express their outlook and feelings on the ruling. Check the pics above.