Earlier in the week rapper Tech N9ne sat down with BET to talk about his up and coming release titled “Special Effects” He also touched on one particular song called “Speedom” featuring Eminem.


He then revealed how much it cost for a feature from Em. Which might surprise you, he wasn’t charged a cent for the feature. Adding ” I was flabbergasted ’cause I know it costs so much to get Eminem, and he’s worth every penny. For him to say, ‘I just want a song from you for this,’ that made me feel really beautiful that he felt like that about my music.” Tech also explained that he hasn’t spoken or seen Em since the early 2000’s and that it was a wonderful feeling on how having Em on the track all came about. He then said “The fact that he feels like my music is that good that he would wanna do that for me is incredible. For one, do the song for me and then say, ‘No no no no, I just want you to give me a song for this.’ I’m like ‘Yes!’ That feels so good man.”