With the main event closing in on us and the clock ticking until we hear the bell sound, there is still a lot to break down before the fighters touch gloves. New developments continue to surface as we get closer to fight time but we have to take a look at some key points and numbers. Click more to read the story!

It is no secret that the fighters are about to bring in major cash for this historic 36 minute fight. Floyd will be bringing in about $180 million and Manny is taking about $120 million home. But where do the fighter’s numbers compare in the ring?

Manny Pacquiao: A 36 year old fighter that weighed in at 145 pounds. Manny stands at 5’6 1/2″ and has a reach of 67 inches. In total career fights, Manny has fought 64 times with 57 wins and 38 knockouts.

Floyd Mayweather: A 38 year old fighter who weighed in at 146 pounds. Floyd stands at 5’8 and has a reach of 72 inches. In total career fights, Floyd has fought 47 times with 47 wins and 26 knockouts.

The Weigh In…

On paper, this fight does look somewhat one-sided, however, Floyd will have to counter the power and speed of Manny. Floyd is known as a genius in the ring when it comes to figuring out an opponents game plan. This fight is different though in the sense that Manny will likely bring his speed early in the fight and is known to go the distance so, that speed will probably continue through the fights length.

I believe we can expect Floyd’s usual defensive stance in attempt to let Manny tire out; but, Floyd will also have to come strong with effective power punches as well. Either way, we are definitely in for a goodie tonight!


Source: ABC