Imagine being able to hang out with Floyd Mayweather and the money team during the alleged biggest fight of century and sitting ring side, while hanging out with A-list celebrities. Well two of the luckiest men ever got that chance last saturday. The British men dressed up in Money team gear and latched on to the entourage where they weren’t even questioned and allowed to even party with them — Wow!


Ifran Ahmed and Chris Stowe were able to squeeze past security and have themselves possibly the time of their lives. Ahmed and Stowe were scheduled to attend the fight as they were able to snag some nosebleeds seats, then while wearing tracksuits labeled with “Mayweather Promotions” and snapbacks with TMT and TBE stitched on, they were able to piggyback off the Mayweather entourage.

They took selfies with A-listers such as Justin Bieber and Nicole Scherzinger. Paris Hilton even commentated saying that she, “loved their british accents.” If sitting ringside wasn’t great enough, they then got to party with Diddy at the MGM Grand afterwards. Man, what a night to remember.

Check out the video: