Someone was noticeably absent from the Tnt sports desk today during the commentary for the NBA playoffs today. Ernie Johnson away today, as he accepted a Sports Emmy for best Studio Host. After he accepted the award, Johnson brought out the daughters of the great Stuart Scott, who passed away earlier this year after a long fight with cancer. Johnson, who is also a cancer survivor, gave the award to the daughters of Scott as a token of love and appreciation for Scott. Kudos to you EJ!


Losing Stuart Scott was a heartbreak for the entire sports world. Scott was known as the pioneer who brought a hip-hop flavor to sports reporting, when it was frowned upon by the mainly white-corporate world of sports and early years of Espn. Scott soon became a favorite among the younger viewers and will forever be remembered as a staple in sports.

Ernie Johnson made a wonderful gesture by giving away his emmy and showing the love and respect he has for Scott.

Check out the video of Ernie’s wonderful act of kindness: