Its quite astonishing that someone could intake 56 shots in one night, but what makes that something so sad is the fact you’ll either get severe alcohol poisoning or worse FATALITY! and in this case death was the outcome.


A French Bar owner was charged with manslaughter for letting a man consume 56 shots through the course of one night, Who later died in his home. According to a local report last October a man that went by the name of Renaud drank these 56 shots at Clermont-Ferrand bar called Le Starter. It was also reported that the 57 year old decided the reason why he took back 56 shots was because of a record he wanted to break which was most shots consumed at one bar sitting:

“That exploit saw him drink 30 shooters in just one minute, which are either straight shots or can be made up of different spirits with mixers. With each shooter including between 20ml and 40ml of hard alcohol it meant the father drank more than a litre of spirits.

After being carried home by his daughter and friends the man later went into cardiac arrest. He was rushed to hospital but died the next day.”

The owner of the bar was charged with Manslaughter because of unwillingly neglect in addition the owner’s attorney says that his client advised the 57 year old to stop drinking:

“However this has been denied by the man’s lawyer who said he actually told the man he should stop his quest to break the record.

Lawyer Renaud Portejoie has acknowledged that the board behind the bar making clients aware of the existing record for shooters was a mistake, but said no one forced the client to take on the challenge.”