An FBI agent was serving an arrest warrant at a motel in the suburbs of Colorado when he was shot in the leg. The suspect then proceeded to shoot and kill himself. The officer is expected to survive.

The identity of the agent who was shot has not been released however Trent Cooper of the of the Littleton Police Department said, he incident occurred at the Essex House Motel in Littleton around 4 p.m. The agentwas taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to reports the suspect fired two shots at law enforcement who did not fire back. The suspect remained in the motel room and shot himself.

Amy Sanders, a spokeswoman for the FBI said, ‘the multi-agency task force was serving the warrant for a suspected bank robber dubbed the “Longhorn Bandit.”‘

The FBI announced back in March they were looking for a suspect connected to six bank robberies that occurred in the metro area of Denver. The name ‘Longhorn Bandit’ came from video footage showing the man wearing a Texas Longhorns baseball cap during the robberies. According to the FBI the man pesented a note, received money and fled the scene.

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Source ABC