IFWT_LBJ kid 1

If you use social media then you’ve probably seen the vine of a young kid hilariously saying “LeBron Jamesss” over and over again.  Vine user DARius took the internet by storm in June 2014 with his “LeBron James” video. On Sunday, after James’ incredible buzzer-beater in Game 4 versus the Chicago Bulls, DARius made his return.

The kid watches the game winner then looks up and says the infamous “LeBron James” line in the voice that captured the nation.  What’s really hilarious about the clip is the sinister look on his face as you know what’s coming next.

Here’s DARius’ original Vine, in case you missed it.

But wait there’s more.  Someone used his voice to create this epic montage of LeBron’s game winning shot.

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