LMAO! Funny, nut not funny. Cam’Ron’s girl JuJu dots a female’s eye in the club after she touched her man’s arm. Must have been one helluva touch, or some powerful boast juice she was drinking.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Da Killas, Cam and JuJu are known for sticking together – it should not be any other way when in a relationship. Therefore, shortly after announcing her graduation for a bachelors degree in business and a minor in public administration, the two hopped on a flight to Miami to celebrate.

I could see this now, JuJu was backing that thing up on her bae when a drunken groupie went to try and grab a selfie, but JuJu laid hands on her. Po’ Lil Tink Tink.

Cam posted to Instagram a flick of he and JuJu in a damn near flawless green ensemble, outside of Club Dream, with the following caption:

So this is how @iamjuju_ poses outside of club dream.. After she punches a girl in da face.. For grabbing my arm..Smh/lol .. #PardonMyArmPits #ShitWasHotInDatBitch #ImStillFreshTho myPHbalenceOnFleek [arm flexin’ emoji] #DaKillas

College graduates can get right too.

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