In light of the recent events in the nation, more and more people are coming forward when people are mistreated while detained. Recently video surfaced of a fan fighting with security in the middle of a B.o.b concert in Sacramento. At first the fight seems to be the highlight of the video, but its what happened after the fight that is raising eyebrows.

It is uncertain what caused the fight but the fan charged security and was pulled from the crowd. After a brief struggle, he was placed in handcuffs. Someone shot the whole incident on their cellphone in hopes of catching footage of a good fight, but upon further review, observed something else. After walking away from the crowd one of the security guards took a cheap shot at the man and gave him a powerful punch to the head from behind. As you can imagine, no charges have been filed since the man was originally in the wrong. However, there is no justification for the follow up punch. See the video below.

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