Now-a-days, all the media focuses on is all of the negative things that police officers do. However, there are TONS of amazing cops out there who help people, regardless of color. An African-American mother from Virginia penned a very heart-felt letter to a white state trooper via her Facebook page, praising him for helping her son change his flat tire on the highway while he was coming back from college. Dr. Nada Owusu wrote that her son Joseph, who is a student at Virginia Tech, randomly caught a flat out of nowhere while driving. She explains that the trooper, Matt Okes, did not ask if the Mercedes was stolen but immediately proceeded to get on the ground and try to fix the tire himself. When his efforts failed, he wanted for hours with the 20-year-old until AAA arrived to the scene, calling Okes “our hero.” She also reveals that Okes made sure the on-going traffic was aware that there was a disabled vehicle on the road, keeping Joseph out of harm’s way. The Facebook post has already been shared over 20,000 times!

Stories like this are very important to show that not all cops are bad people. Check out Dr. Awusu’s amazing letter over in the gallery.

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Source: DailyMail