This is just downright nasty and very inappropriate. At a family friendly amusement park in New Jersey, the park is now under hot water after they hosted a very X-rated adults only twerk contest.

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Over 800 people attended the event last week Saturday at Clementon Park and Splash World in Camden County. Multiple pictures and videos recently began going viral and all you see is a$$ and tits shaking all over the parking lot and in the pool. This so called charity event ended up being a brawl after several fights broke out.

Residents near by the park put their foot down and plan to boycott the park. “It’s explicit and disgusting… it’s inappropriate and I would never allow my kids to go there,” a statement from Courtney Ferris of Sicklerville.

The park told NBC that they rented out the park under the impression that it was for a good cause and they will never ever have another situation like that one. No charged were filed.

Watch the full clip below!

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