IFWT_Al Anna Horford

On Sunday night during game 3 of the Hawks vs. Cavaliers eastern conference finals, Matthew Dellavedova and Al Horford got tangled up.  Dellavedova was falling on Horford’s leg and Horford elbowed him in retaliation.  Dellavedova was given a technical foul and Horford was ejected after getting a flagrant 2 foul.  Many people were upset including Al Horford’s sister Anna who claimed the NBA is bias and fixed.

Anna along with many other people, said Dellavedova has a history of this behavior.  As I posted earlier, this is his third incident after getting Taj Gibson ejected and Kyle Korver out of the playoffs with an ankle injury.  Anna said Dellavedova intentionally went for Horford’s leg and that he will continue to hurt players if he keeps getting away with it.

She didn’t place all the blame on Dellavedova however; she also went in on the referees and the NBA claiming the league is showing favoritism towards LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  She claimed the refs were intentionally trying to help the Cavaliers and they only took Horford out because he was putting the team on his back (Horford was the leading scorer for the Hawks when he was ejected).

And to top things off, Anna threw out one last shot adding it’s still a good day because at least she doesn’t live in Ohio.  Now that set people OFF and you can read some of the comments HERE.

*Anna’s tweets in gallery above*

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