Dwyane Wade opted out last year, to give the Heat some room to pursue upgrades to the roster in part to lure LeBron James back. That didn’t happen, and Wade re-signed for two years, $31 million, giving the Heat some cap room but also giving him an option for next year. Everything seemed fine going into this summer and next year but hold up, there is a big problem now and that problem is money and Wade is set to walk away from South Beach if he doesn’t get what he wants.


Though Wade prefers to stay with the Heat, where he has spent his entire 12-year career, he is now open to leaving this summer if the Heat does not raise its offer, according to two sources with direct knowledge. Wade must decide by late June whether to opt out of a contract that would pay him $16.1 million next season.

But according to associates, Wade wants to opt out this summer, with the hope that the Heat would give him a lucrative three-year deal that would extend past his 36th birthday.

That does not appear to be the Heat’s preference. The Heat apparently would be content with Wade opting in for next season, then re-signing for good, but not huge, money for another two seasons after that.

I’m sure he would never admit it, but you have to think at least part of this has to do with Lebron not coming back last year. Wade took a pay cut so the Heat could afford Bron and he still decided to return to Cleveland. Wade might believe the run is over in South Beach and wants to spend the late stages of his career with a legit title contender and currently the Heat are not that. It will be crazy to see Wade in a different jersey but we all forget this a business before it’s a sport.