Marijuana use with athletes has been a situation that has seen multiple suspensions through out the years and with the legalization of medical marijuana in several states, the question has been discussed on wether marijuana should be taken of the banned substance list. Well, 10 out of 10 NBA players vote yes to that cause.


with the recent video of Kevin Durant appearing to have marijuana fall out of his car, TMZ decided to question 10 NBA players, who wished to remain anonymous, and ask wether they thought it was time for the NBA to adopt a new law on wether marijuana should be an approved substance.

All 10 voted that they felt players should be allowed to smoke medical marijuana, especially with multiple states already adopting laws that allow people to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries.

After talking to some of the players heres what some of them had to say:

One player told us, “How can you tell a guy with a prescription not to use it?? They should be allowed to have their medicine.”
Another said … “The NBA shouldn’t advertise for it, but I don’t see an issue if a player uses [with a prescription].”

Although the times have begun to change, The next time the players association and owners can start talk on changing this issue is 2017, which is when the next bargaining agreement is set to take place.

Im sure there are way more than 10 players that feel this same way about the marihuana ban in professional sports. If doctors have already proven that marijuana has real medical benefits, then the league has to really consider adopting the plan and stop handing out silly suspensions to players for toking up.

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