I guess there were a few people in the Warrior’s organization that did not approve of the Mark Jackson era. Andrew Bogut was recently asked about the transition of the Warriors to the Steve Kerr era and his response was nothing short of a jab toward his former coach, Mark Jackson. Click more to check out the full story!

For all the praise that Steve Kerr is receiving for getting the Warriors to NBA Finals, much of that success has to be attributed to the former head coach of Golden State Warriors. Kerr has even admitted that the team was already great under Mark Jackson and that he tweaked a few things to put his touch on the team. Looking back at the Mark Jackson era, the Warriors were getting progressively better each year and probably would have been in the same position if Jackson were still coaching.

It is no secret that Jackson’s time in Golden State ended because there was a rift between him and the front office. That rift, unfortunately, could not be repaired and he was ultimately cut loose and sent back to broadcasting. Well, it seems that the front office were not the only ones that had issues with Mark Jackson. Andrew Bogut was recently asked about the transition to the Steve Kerr era and he said, “Whenever you get a head coach who’s not full of himself, it makes a huge difference.” Sheesh!

Bogut did not hold back in showing his dislike for his former head coach. I’ve never seen so much talk from people around league concerning previous relationships with former co-workers as I have in recent weeks; whether it was this instance or the Bulls GM throwing a lot of salt on Thibs.

Despite the circumstances, Bogut cannot deny what Mark Jackson brought to the Warriors organization.