Uh- Oh does Tom Hank’s son need a lecture? Tom Hanks son is getting way too comfortable with his usage of the N-Word!

Throughout history the usage of the N-Word has been displayed in many different ways. In recent news, the N-Word is used as a slang term for “homie”,”brother” or even “King”. Conflict arises when people decide who is allowed to use the term. Can everyone use the N-Word as in slang term? Or can only certain minorities use the word?

Chet Haze, is also a upcoming “rapper” that you guys should check out. Chet is still underground and doesn’t get the same amount of shine as his father. The attention Chet gets is for his use of inappropriate words. uhh umm.. The N-Word.

Chet stated a couple of things on his social media. Chef wrote:

“Check out the song me and my n**ga @chillthatdude just dropped on my soundcloud #JUICE LINK IN MY BIO #GoListen “

This is only one of the many quotes in which Chet Haze used inappropriate terminology. This is a real controversial subject? What do you guys think? Should the N-Word be allowed in rap songs? is the N-Word okay for slang use?

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