Although Spotify and Youtube have recently been in HOV’s sights as competition against Tidal, it looks like the recent rumors that Apple is acquiring Drake and them as DJ’s has made Apple the new target for Tidal. Tidal is cutting prices in half IF you have a .edu email address, which will make there standard $10 plan $4.99(who knew they had a $10 plan…they went after $20 a month ‘Off The Rip’), and the $20 plan will be $10. On top of that, they are dropping desktop versions so students can can enjoy while studying using there laptops.

Tat Wza

This announcement is just days away from Apple unveiling their NEW Apple Music which is supposed to come out at $10/Month, with a possible $15 level up(Still $5 cheaper than Tidal’s top tier). Here’s what Tidal is saying at the moment;

The player enables members to enjoy gapless play, support for media keys and sound output management. The app detects and supports different audio sources, like Mac Airplay and Digital Audio Converters (DAC), making it easy to play the music on compatible stereo systems… TIDAL members will also experience an updated design and functionality for its mobile platform, including: improved search functionality, updated menu and icons, including a prominent “offline mode” button, as well as new personalization options.

The web versions are still in beta but both for Mac and Windows(like iTunes), and also features ticketmaster integration so when a concert is announced exclusively through Tidal, you’ll be able to get tix ASAP! What do you think, will this help Tidal??